The harsh desert climate can be brutal on painted surfaces. Over time, the blistering sun’s UV rays will break down molecular bonds in your paint if it’s not protected, resulting in a dull, faded appearance. Left untreated, these will lead to oxidation and deterioration of your finish … and eventually a costly paint job.

To keep your auto (or bring it back to) as near to new as possible, we recommend a full interior + exterior detail at least once a year even for cars that are garaged, but if your auto “lives” outside or is regularly exposed to the sun and winds, you should consider having at least one additional exterior detail every six months.

Exterior Detailing from $150*

    • Includes:
    • Complete cleaning of your wheels and wheel wells
    • Tire shine
    • Clay bar to remove contaminants
    • Cutting pad to remove small scratches
    • Polishing pad to bring out the color and shine in your paint
    • Finishing wax to protect your vehicle from the sun’s harmful UV rays
    • *If required (will incur additional cost):
    • Hard water spot removal
    • Tar removal
    • Tree sap removal

* Large vehicles will incur extra costs.